About Us

    Kingdom Holsters is a subsidiary of Kuyucular Leather Industry Trade Ltd. Established in 1900, our company has been manufacturing extraordinary quality leather goods for more than a century.

    The world wide success of Kuyucular Leather is attributed to good old fashioned hard work, innovation, and constant updates to meet the ever growing demand for quality leather holsters, belts, gun cases, cellular /smart phone cases, and specialized leather gear for hunting, security, hunting, and even military use. The Kingdom Holsters brand concentrates a mixture of quality, experience, design, culture, versatility, and affordable pricing for the ultimate in fit, comfort, and elegance, no matter what type of firearm you carry. Our primary goal is to provide high quality leather holsters, that fit both your handgun and your budget, without sacrificing the quality expected from a top notch leather holster line.

    Our vast array of leather goods and holsters are currently sold in numerous countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and the Czech Republic. We are now offering the Kingdom Holsters product line to the US firearms market and have even founded a location in New Jersey to provide our best quality products, excellent customer service, lightening fast delivery, and unbelievable pricing, directly to the USA!!!